Social Media Profile Photo Sizes

Customizing social profiles is important for any brand! Profile photos represent your company within the social space and should be clean, bold and consistent across all platforms.

Read on to find out more information on specific profile photo sizing, so you can make the most of your social profiles and learn the tips to best optimize your content!


Facebook Profile Photo Size

Profile photos on this popular social platform are square (minimum of 180 x 180 pixels), so it’d be in your best interest to use an image with these dimensions or upload an image that is large enough that when cropped, will include the most important information, logo, etc.

When it comes to cover photos, choose wisely. This is a larger image than the profile photo, so it will be the first thing that a user sees when they visit your page. Although the minimum measurement is 399 x 150 pixels, your cover photos should be 851 x 315 pixels. Note that smaller images will stretch and as a result, will look pixilated and low-resolution.

To make sure that important information in your cover photo isn’t covered by your profile photo, note that your profile image is 23 pixels from the left side and 210 pixels from the top of your cover photo. Try uploading a JPG file that less than 100KB for best results. If your picture includes a logo and/or text, use a PNG file.


Twitter Profile Photo Size

Similar to Facebook, profile photos on Twitter are square — but much smaller, which means that you will need to choose a clearer, bolder picture. Although the main profile photo displays as 73 x 73 pixels on your profile on (and a tiny 48 x 48 pixels in a tweet), you can upload an image as large as 2MB (but will need to crop accordingly).

The header image should be 1252 x 626 pixels, up to 5MB. This photo will show up behind your profile photo, but don’t forget that your Twitter handle, bio information and URL will show over the image. As a result, we suggest choosing an image that won’t take away from the text in the forefront!


YouTube Channel Art Specs

FYI: The YouTube channel icon or profile photo is directly linked to your Google+ profile photo. Having said this, if you don’t have a Google+ account, you can still fully optimize your channel with custom images and various downloadable templates.

The “channel art” or cover photo will automatically scale to fit the size of the screen that it is being displayed on. Try an image with dimensions of 2560 x 1440 pixels for the best results. Note that the smallest size for “channel art” is 1546 x 423 pixels. As a result, make sure that nothing important (logos, etc.) are in this area so they won’t be cropped unintentionally.

Have more questions? Just ask! 

— Samantha


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