5 Social Resolutions for 2014

2014 Resolutions

It’s that time of year again to wipe the slate clean! Whether it’s promising to exercise, cutting back on TV or decreasing your use of profanity, we all have things we can work on to be more successful in 2014. But what about social media resolutions?

Here’s a quick list that you may find useful:

1. Edit before you post. False information, incorrectly spelled words and posts that borderline on inappropriate all need a second glance before posting. Take the time to review your post to ensure that you are happy with whatever comments or reactions it may get after it goes live. Let’s tweet correct information and post content that will positively add to someone’s life to ensure that our brand is seen in the best way possible.

2. Don’t worry about the numbers. Yes, metrics like the total number of followers or RTs are important to track over time, but don’t let it take over your social strategy. Instead, use your social pages to make meaningful connections with your fans. Create brand loyalists who will market your company (often) better than you can. Focus on the quality of your fan base, not just the quantity.

3. Make customer service a priority. Although taking care of customers has always been the backbone of running a business, doing so on social has become just as important. Take a moment to respond to ALL of your fan’s requests and comments in a way that helps them feel closer to the brand. Random acts of kindness also go a long way, so feel free to send a loyal fan a special coupon or product to show how much you care.

4. Focus on high-quality content. Not only will it help your posts rise to the top of people’s Newsfeeds on Facebook (thanks to recently changed algorithms), but high-quality content will ultimately help you grow your community. Think: “Would I want to interact with this piece of content on my feed?” If the answer is no, don’t post it. Make sure your work is the best possible so fans perceive your company in a good light.

5. Be consistent on all social platforms. Just because Facebook is the biggest platform doesn’t mean that your audience is there or that it’s the only platform you should be showing some love. Instead, do your best to be consistent on ALL platforms. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, post on a schedule so your fans grow accustomed to your messages, which in turn will keep them engaging over time. Consistency will help keep your community alive.

Got more resolutions that you’d like to make in the new year? Tell us below!

— Samantha


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