Top Retailer on Pinterest

Amazon on Pinterest

Who reigns supreme on Pinterest as we get closer to Christmas 2013?

Why it’s the one & only, Amazon! 

According to BizWeek, an average of 16k pins a week have been generated from Amazon content — around three times more than the next largest, Walmart, at 5,778 pins and at 3,871. And with the holiday season in full swing, Pinterest is proving to be a highly powerful platform to not only share content to push engagement numbers, but also helps retailers maintain relationships with their customers. The closer the relationship, the higher probability that the fan will turn to that particular company to shop!

Amazon – 16,360 pins per week, 1,740,314 total pins, 5,637 followers.

Walmart – 5,778 pins per week, 529,992 total pins, 33,337 followers.

Apple – 3,871 pins per week, 1,111,959 total pins, 1,597 followers.

QVC -325 pins per week, 54,935 total pins, 42,683 followers.

Staples – 307 pins per week, 17,252 total pins, 2,025 followers.

Best Buy – 281 pins per week, 60,630 total pins, 4,047 followers.

Netflix – 202 pins per week, 7,802 total pins, 445 followers.

Sears – 29 pins per week, 1,511 total pins, 190 followers.

Office Depot – 27 pins per week, 2,635 total pins, 1,994 followers.

Dell – 9 pins per week, 2,715 total pins, 1,160 followers.

Having said this, many companies have started to create Christmas boards which provide content on how to decorate, bake and even wrap gifts. Such content isn’t always directly tied to specific products. Instead, these pins help create a larger and more-encompassing story which helps create strong bonds between fans and brand.

Although we’ve always known that Pinterest is a great tool to push product links through the use of highly visual creative, we’re excited to hear that companies are investing more time and resources to sustaining relationships and creating content that is easily sharable. As social media continues to expand, we believe that having brand loyalists will prove to be more and more important than anything else.

— Samantha


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