Facebook Changes News Feed Algorithm (Again)

Ready for Facebook’s latest update? This week, the platform tweaked the algorithm behind the Newsfeed function with the intent of bringing higher quality content like news stories, to the top of the feed.

As you may have noticed, posts from friends that received engagement like comments or shares, automatically rise to the top of a user’s Newsfeed, even if that user has already seen the content before. Facebook is essentially ensuring that one sees conversations between friends and will engage with the post as well.

Memes and other low quality content will be pushed down on one’s Newsfeed which will impact what type of content marketers use with their fans in the future. Brands will need to think strategically before posting lighter content as Facebook is attempting to keep fans on the site (especially on the mobile version), rather than clicking on a meme or other pieces of content hosted elsewhere.

Additionally, more and more platforms are competing with Twitter as the main platform where fans receive timely news. Specifically speaking, Facebook will begin suggesting specific news stories based on what content a user clicks (see example above). Similar to pushing high quality high on the Newsfeed, recommending content that a user might like will potentially keep users on Facebook more frequently and for longer periods of time, allowing them to see more ads, suggested posts, etc.

Facebook Recommended Stories

Overall, we’re curious to see what content rises to the top of our Newsfeeds — and whether or not it’ll make us engage more with our friend’s content and the platform in general.

Tell us: Have you noticed the new changes on the Newsfeed?

— Samantha


2 thoughts on “Facebook Changes News Feed Algorithm (Again)

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