Sweetgreen: How Social Built A Restaurant

Sweetgreen Restaurant

We’ve all heard how important social media can be to a company’s marketing plan, especially for start-ups trying to make a name for themselves. Although social triumphs in retail and consumer-based industries are all too common, such success within the food industry sometimes flies under the radar.

Well, we’d like to introduce you to Sweetgreen: a start-up restaurant that utilized social media to its full potential and truly came out on top. Making salads cool, Sweetgreen was able to transform itself into a lifestyle brand, rather than simply a place to pick up a healthy lunch.

By taking advantage of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Sweetgreen generates content containing much more than your typical “food-porn.” Such engaging content include helpful yoga tips, cool new music selections and even upcoming sustainability projects which ultimately keeps fans engaged with this salad company time and time again.

We think this is an impressive social strategy that everyone can learn from.

Take a look at the full story below:

— Mike & Samantha


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