Best Buy, Walmart Dominate Black Friday Social Efforts

Black Friday is only one day away and if you’ve been anywhere near a computer or TV, you know how hard retailers are marketing their holiday sales. As Social Media Today recently reported, Shareablee (a social business intelligence platform) discovered the top brands that are engaging the best online. What makes brands successful? Being innovative, creative and developing unique content that is highly sharable to expand reach.

Twitter: BestBuy wins with the most engaged followers

According to Shareablee, BestBuy followers represented 30% of all the RTs related to Black Friday, followed by Nordstrom with 9% and Ebay and Target with 8%.  As many social experts will note, a RT is a great way to measure word of mouth marketing because if one is willing to RT your company’s content, they are most likely interested enough to share it with their own communities.

Shareablee Most Engaged Audience

Facebook: Walmart dominates with the most engaged fans

When it comes to one of the best metrics to measure engagement on Facebook, shares take the cake. Similar to a RT, a share is a direct action that typically means a fan cares enough about the brand’s content so much so that they’re willing to repost it. In the first half of November 2013, Walmart fans at 27% shared 3 times as much content than other brands, followed by QVC at 9% and Macy’s and Nordstrom at 8%.

Shareablee Most Engaged Audience

For those brands that don’t show as much success, we agree with Shareablee that there’s still a chance to increase engagement before the big shopping day arrives. Brands need to keep content short, CTAs (call to actions) clear and creative as interesting as possible to rise above the noise. If this is possible, such businesses will have the best chance at converting engagement into future sales.

— Samantha & Mike


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