Why Google+ is Very Important to Businesses

Google Knowledge Graph

Google+ is the second largest social networking site after Facebook. Seriously. Since Google introduced their own social network to the public in 2012, Google+ now has over 300 million users.

Although Google+ doesn’t have the best reputation in the business, many people underestimate the power of this large platform, which integrates within everyone’s online experience. In fact, those companies that refuse to be a part of it are losing out on a very engaging audience. We’ve taken the liberty of listing a few, thanks to this great article:

1. Google+ Communities are Engaging!

Communities were rolled out in the back half 2012. Since then, over 100,000 of them have been created. Each community provides the Google+ user base with an additional method of sharing things. Now, one can target great materials to groups with high engagement numbers to receive the best results.

What does this mean for small businesses? Now companies can create better targeted content and creative to hit the fans that mean the most to them, all while building meaningful brand awareness. Businesses will not only come across as more authentic to their fans, but it will most likely keep the brand top of mind for many customers.

2. Google+ Profile = Better Search Rankings

Google is constantly trying to personalize one’s experience searching online. Anyone who follows your Google+ account will see content that you post, therefore automatically increasing where it ends up in the overall search rankings. Because high quality Google+ content ranks high on Google itself, it’s important to share high value materials on your page to get good and visible content to your audience.

TIP: Make sure you’ve added the top influencers in your industry to your circles with the “Recommended Users” tool. After doing so, you’ll be ready to begin engaging with content that interests you and the business, therefore increasing your overall brand awareness as well. Be sure to +1 (similar to a Like on Facebook) or comment on posts that you find interesting — but don’t spam people!

3. You’ll get a profile in Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google’s Knowledge Graph is located on the right of listings when brands are searched (see image at the top of this post). This area can show the latest services/products, news and much more — and can greatly impact whether a user sees your content or your direct competitors. Even better? With Google’s ability to customize the Knowledge Graph, businesses can now show recent order history, etc. immediately to the user.

TIP: In order to create the best Knowledge Graph possible, be sure to personalize your entire profile and post quality content frequently, as this tiny box can truly increase your company’s visibility.

Tell us: Do you have a Google+ account for your business?

— Samantha


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