Pinterest’s Place Pins Help Tell a New Social Story

Place Pins on Pinterest

This week, Pinterest added a new type of pin called Place Pins, which allows users to utilize the actual locations of the items they wish to pin on their boards.

Similar to other tagging services on social platforms like Instagram, if a user pins a picture of their snowboard from a day riding at a ski resort, they can then add the resort’s location to a map on their pinboard. Additionally, users can “add a map” on a board to start designating Place Pins through a search bar, similar to Google.

Many social experts believe these new location pins will help users design boards for planning a vacation, showcasing a favorite part of the neighborhood and much more.  As pinners will most likely want to share these newly styled boards with other users, Pinterest has developed a new “send” rollout that will help such direct shares between users.

As of today, Pinterest doesn’t give marketers the option of advertising (other than Promoted Pins), but there is a large opening to do so with Place Pins. Since users would be directly tagging businesses and services, information could be shared including specific locations, telephone numbers and even reviews and offers later down the road.

Overall, Pinterest continues to be a contender for most shared content across the digital space. Although the majority of users are females, adding an equally attractive pinning option that aggregates restaurant and store locations across the world, could increase numbers of male users, therefore defining an environment that draws similarities from other sites like Yelp, Facebook and Twitter. We’re interested to see where such mapping stories will go. For now, it looks as if this platform is successfully helping users tell a more holistic story online.

Tell us: We think place pins could really help small businesses. Do you agree?

— Samantha


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