What is More Important to Teen Buying, Twitter or Facebook?

We have been seeing more and more data indicating that Facebook’s popularity among teens is fading. What was once the coolest social media platform has been losing ground to others, like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. An October 10th survey of 8,650 teens by Piper Jaffray, looked at the popularity of the two mega-platforms in relation to purchasing influence.


Unlike most studies we see, this one focused solely on how each platform influences teens on what hey buy. Although friends still take the top spot as most influential, the internet is gaining ground as number two. More than half of the teens studied admitted that social media plays a part in their purchases. The social media platform that proved most influential was Twitter, followed by Facebook, with Instagram coming in third. With their looming IPO, this seems to be some promising information for Twitter.

Of course, Facebook still takes top honors as most dominate platform. Facebook boasts 94% of teens having an account, however, that number seems to have plateaued. Although the user base is smaller, Twitter is on the rise with teen users doubling since 2011 at 26%.

We are very interested to see what happens with the fast approaching Twitter IPO. Will it get over-hyped like Facebook and crash right out of the gate?  Or has Twitter learned from Facebook’s mistake and planned a more conservative launch. Let us know what you think.

-Mike & Samantha


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