NowThis News

If you haven’t heard of the Instagram account, NowThis News, you most certainly will soon. With over 50,000 followers, NowThis News is changing the way people receive breaking news. NowThis specializes in using Instagram to deliver breaking news in 15-second video clips. Since its introduction last June, Instagram video has mainly been used to promote upcoming stories, events or campaigns, rather than breaking the actual news itself. This has been a pretty successful model for certain brands who have taken advantage of Instagram’s latest feature, but what about news agencies? We all know that Twitter is the leading social media platform for breaking news, so why can’t Instagram follow suit? Take a look at some examples of what NowThis News has been bringing to Instagram:

This must be the most condensed, no-nonsense delivery of news in the history of reporting, and with our generation’s ever shortening attention spans, nothing is more important than brevity. This is one of those ideas that is so simple it’s genius. Not only does NowThis get you the facts quickly and efficiently, the videos are also very visually appealing.

We believe the introduction of NowThis will almost certainly impact the way traditional media breaks the news. How long until we see similar tactics from outlets like CNN, NPR, etc? If they are smart, and want to stay relevant with today’s youth, the sooner they better. It will be exciting to see how fast NowThis grows and how much of an impact it will have.

-Mike & Samantha


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