Top 5 Ways to Tweet Like a Pro

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Many digital experts believe that a presence on Twitter is a key piece in a successful social media strategy. We can’t help but agree! Read on to find out how you can amplify your tweets to make the most of this popular platform.

#1: Be short & sweet. You only have 140 characters, so use them wisely! Like many journalists or writers, think about what is most important about your message and use words or terms to succinctly get that idea across to your followers.

#2: Enter the conversation. Don’t make the mistake of tweeting in a vacuum. Join events taking place in real time by using a pre-existing hashtag and providing useful info to your fans. Don’t forget to RT (occasionally) to show your support of others as well!

#3: Don’t over hashtag. Although hashtags are a great way to aggregate content, be mindful of which ones you use — and how often. Stick to two or three and make sure they pack a punch. For example, #social may be too broad, where as #socialmedia or #socialmediamarketing will carry more weight and will get more eyeballs on your content.

#4: Request a RT. Asking your fans to RT your content (every now and then) is acceptable and could bring your RT rate up by 12x, versus not asking. Make sure you leave enough characters in your tweet for your followers to add their own two cents!

#5. A photo is worth a 1000 words. If you have a relevant image to tweet with your message, do it! A tweet with an attached photo receives up to two times more engagement than those who don’t.

Some more tips?

  • Be consistent when tweeting! Once you tweet, it literally disappears in seconds on a follower’s feed. As a result, make sure that you’re tweeting several times a day, throughout the day. Use a platform like HootSuite or Tweetdeck to schedule tweets!
  • Make sure that your company is following the right people. There are many fake accounts out there, so choose wisely by looking for quality content — not just people looking for more followers!

Got more? Let us know in the comments below!

— Samantha


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