Price Alerts Coming to Pinterest


For some reason, it doesn’t seem that Pinterest gets the respect it deserves. Many people thought it was just a fad and would bring little to no benefit to their business. With 70 million users and growing, it looks like Pinterest is here to stay. Retailers have the most to benefit from Pinterest, and with their new price alerts feature being released, they have even more to gain. In the near future, when a user pins a product, they will get an email alert whenever that product goes on sale. According to Pinterest, it will look much like this:


Since many people use Pinterest as a type of “dream board”, posting items they would like but most likely couldn’t afford, this is a fantastic feature. A user may never consider buying that $500 pair of shoes they pinned a few weeks ago, but once they get that email alert letting them know they are now 50% off, the chances of that user buying those shoes just went up exponentially.

Don’t forget that benefits this new feature will bring to your business’s email marketing. This new feature basically supplies you with personalized, targeted emails to your most engaged users, without you doing any of the work! If you haven’t already, get your business on Pinterest, it is here to stay and only getting bigger.

-Mike & Samantha


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