Facebook Introduces Embedded Posts

Big news out of Facebook, they will soon be offering embedded posts. This means that when you post something on Facebook, you will be able to generate a code, which will allow you to embed that content elsewhere on the web. Just about every other social media platform already offers this ability, from YouTube to Instagram. At the moment, this function is only available to a couple big brands like CNN and Huffington Post, but expect this ability to roll out to the public any day now.

DisplayMediaThis new feature may not seem like a big deal, everyone else is doing it, right? However, when you think about what this action is truly saying about Facebook, the enormity of Mark Zuckerberg’s decision can be seen. Abstaining from embeds was Facebook’s way of saying they are THE source on the internet. All other content should, and will be, embedded onto Facebook, not the other way around. Now that Facebook has given in, and will start offering embedded posts, they are admitting that they need to be out on the world wide web, more than the world wide web needs to be on Facebook.

This new feature will make it easier for users to discover content outside of their Facebook circle. Since your newsfeed consists primarily of content delivered by people and pages you have selected to follow, stumbling across that bit of news you were completely unaware of is much less likely.  Now when you are surfing the web and come across an interesting article with and embedded Facebook post, you can like, follow and comment directly on the article, causing users to see more diverse material on their native newsfeed going forward.

Although Facebook is still the pinnacle of social media platforms with 699 million users logging in everyday, it has become fairly obvious that they have been losing some steam. Is this offering of embedded posts an attempt to reclaim some of the market share Facebook has recently lost, or is it just a desire to stay as relevant and user friendly as possible? We suppose only Mark knows the answer to that. 

-Mike & Samantha


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