The Silencer

Do you have Facebook friends who are always spoiling the latest episode of Game of Thrones or the newest blockbuster flick? Do you have friends who you would rather not see activity for anymore, but don’t want to go through the trouble of explaining why you unfriended them? If you do, the Google Chrome Silencer plug-in may be for you. This plug-in allows you to add terms, phrases, names, or hashtags that you want silenced in your Facebook or Twitter feed. Not only do you have the option to manually create the silenced criteria, they also offer Mute Packs. These allow you to silence dozens of terms from popular shows like Mad Men or Game of Thrones with one click. The description of this plug-in according to Google is:

Silencer lets you mute and filter any content you want out of your Twitter stream or Facebook News Feed.

Avoid TV show or sports spoilers. Block people that you can’t unfollow but aren’t really interested in anymore. Take back the Internet on your terms!

Introducing Mute Packs! Mute dozens of terms from “Game of Thrones,” “Mad Men,” or “Arrested Development” instantly with one click!

Mute terms, phrases, people or hashtags quickly and easily.


If you are not using Google Chrome as your browser yet, you should seriously consider it. They offer tons of helpful plug-ins and the Silencer seems like one we could all get a lot of use out of.



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