Pinterest Too Girly?

According to a recent Pew study of social media users, 25% of woman use Pinterest, while only 5% of men. A common complaint of Pinterest has been that the content is heavily weighted for female interests. Sure if you dig around you can find some manlier topics, but hey, this is social media and everything should be quick and easy. Since the realization that Pinterest is better off left to our female counterparts, a few new manlier versions have surfaced.



President of Dartitup, Brandon Harris, was driven to create a manlier pinboard site after failing to get as engaged in Pinterest as his fiancee. This platform seems to be very similar to how Pinterest works, just with manlier topics.



Started in late 2011, this is another very similar pinboard site, geared for only things manly. From bacon, to power tool, to barbecuing, the manlier the better for Gentlemint. What makes this platform different than others, is its goal to stay safe-for-work. Gentlemint doesn’t allow questionable content that may get you in trouble when the boss walks by. We feel this could be a huge selling point for all those guys with hours a day to kill at work.



While very similar to the previous 2 services we mentioned, Dudepins like to think of itself as a place to find “cool stuff”. According to co-founder, Kamil Szybalski, people need a place to discover, share and buy manly things. We have always liked a website that can show you something new, and if Dudepins can live up to that claim, it seems like a very promising alternative.

Now these are not the only 3 “manly Pinterests” on the internet, but this is a good place to start. If you are sick of watching your girlfriend pin images of wedding dresses and cupcakes all day, get on one of these sites and start perusing golf clubs and cars to your hearts content.



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