Facebook to the Rescue


When you take a step back and look at social media, it can seem like a pretty trivial thing. When most of you time is spent striving to get the most likes on your new status updates or shares of your latest vacation picture, it is easy to forget the potential philanthropic uses of Facebook.

As you are most likely aware, Oklahoma was just hit by a massive tornado that killed 51 people, while leaving many more homeless. In the aftermath, amongst other destruction, it has been realized that victim’s personal belongings have been blown many miles in all directions. To help gather some of these belongings and return them to their rightful owners, a Facebook group has been started, where members can post pictures of the property they have found. Victims can then go onto this group and see if any of the items are theirs and connect with the people who had found it.

We think this is a fantastic use of Facebook, helping people who have just gone through an unimaginable tragedy. If you live in the area and have found such debris, or think you can help in any other way, please join the Facebook group here.




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