Pinterest Gets an Upgrade

As we have mentioned in a previous post, many major brands are still not leveraging Pinterest to its full marketing potential. This may have gotten a little easier with the recent update to Pinterest, which allows brands to display information in the pin, ranging from recipes to product prices, etc.

This service is only available to a few brands that have partnered with Pinterest so far, including eBay, Target, ModCloth, Sony and Netflix. The idea behind this new enhancement is to get more information in front of users, without them having to click through links to the original poster. Traditionally, if a user came across a particularly delicious looking picture, they would have to dig their way through the post to try and find the link to the recipe. Now the brand posting this picture can simply post the recipe along with the picture itself, like below:



This is a win-win for both the brands associated, and Pinterest itself. With more comprehensive pins, brands will be able to gain an edge over traditional pins, gaining more followers. On the Pinterest side, having all this information available directly on the news feed, users will be less likely to navigate away from the feed to try and find the information they want. We think this new option creates a huge opportunity for brands who are willing to take advantage of it. It will be interesting to see what brands decide to partner with Pinterest and jump on this new way to reach their fans.



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