Facebook Bings It

Building off the social sidebar that Bing introduced last year, as of last friday, you can comment on Facebook posts straight from Bing. Based on what you search, Bing will display relevant information from Facebook on your sidebar. From that sidebar, you can directly like or comment on a friend’s post. In addition to viewing these posts, Bing will also allow you to add your own, straight from the search page. As you can see below, when searching a term like “Shake Shack NYC”, Bing displays relevant posts from social media platforms.



For truly customized results, one must log in to Facebook through Bing, then all of your friend’s opinions on your searched topic will show up. This seems like it could be quite convenient if you were doing something like researching a new restaurant. Not only will you get the standard information a search engine provides, you will also see what your friends think of the place. If you were looking for someone to go to this new restaurant with, it may also make it much easier to find that someone if you already know who likes that specific restaurant, plus you can ask them via Facebook right from the search screen.

Is this new social service going to help Bing reach the mammoth that is Google? Probably not, but we think this will certainly add value to Bing’s service and will help drive more traffic their way.



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