Google+ Getting Closer

Google+ has been gaining ground on Facebook as of late. Although the numbers are still heavily in Facebook’s favor, when looking at percentage increase, Google+ is showing some encouraging signs. According to Nielsen, the average Google+ visitor spent 6 minutes and 47 seconds on the social network in March. Now when you compare that to Facebook’s average time spent for March at 6 hours and 44 minutes, there doesn’t seem to be any competition. However, when you look at the change from February to March, Google+ rose from 3.3 minutes, while Facebook fell from 7 hours and 9 minutes.


Other statistics worth noting are the 20 million unique Google+ views via mobile apps, which is a 238% increase over the previous month. Desktop unique views also jumped 63% to 28 million, compared to last year. While these are great stats for Google+, one must keep in mind how far they have to go to reach Facebook. Over the same time period, Facebook had 142.1 million unique desktop visits and 99 million unique mobile visits. It will be interesting to see if Google+ can continue this upward trend. We believe Google+ has a lot of potential, especially as Facebook has been seeing declining numbers recently, but only time will tell.



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