Instagram Introduces “Photos of You”

Yesterday, Instagram took inspiration from Facebook and introduced a new way of tagging people in images. As easy as adding hashtags, photo tagging will better connect mobile users to the friends they’ve captured.

With the ability to tag any Instagram account in an image, the platform has made it easier to browse photo feeds of people you know and pics that you appear in with a new “Photos of You” section on your profile. When someone tags you in an image, you’ll get a notification and the pic will show up in the “Photos of You” area. Worried about privacy? Instagram has that covered with easy to navigate settings to adjust what appears in your profile and what doesn’t.


Although Instagram is constantly evolving, there was a large issue of only being able to “discover” photos of yourself by reviewing your “Activity Feed” for a mention of your username in a caption (e.g., “with @samshredder at Fenway!”). Sadly, user/account mentions won’t be automatically converted into photo tags, so one will have to go back through every photo to manully tag people.

“Photos of You” will not be visible until May 16th, so everyone has a few weeks to try it out.

Personally, we see this latest improvement as a true positive within the social space and are interested to see how this will further help connect Instagram with Facebook . Not only will it provide a broader connection and engagement between users, but the ability to share personal (and brand) messages will beome easier moving forward as well.

For more info, watch this:

What do you think of the latest addition to Instagram?

xx Samantha


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