ThingLink Comes to Facebook

Earlier this week, the popular interactive image platform know as ThingLink, officially hit Facebook. ThingLink allows users to enhance images with embedded information, like a video or a text block. Since the additional information is inserted within an image, the person interacting with this image will not have to leave the current screen they are on. This is great for brands and marketers because they can get more information in front of a customer in a shorter amount of time — a benefit that could increase engagement and eventually, sales. ThingLink also will help Facebook since users will now spend more time on the Timeline and News Feed, not having to link to other websites do obtain more information.


Back in November, ThingLink debuted on Twitter with great results. Since it’s launch, major reps have reported seeing more than five times as much engagement on their posts that contained ThingLink images. We believe these new interactive images will quickly become the norm. With online attention spans decreasing by the day, the ability to cram as much information in front of a customer as quickly as possible is paramount.



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