Who Actually Uses Social Media?

If you were asked who uses social media, most people would probably be OK with the answer: everyone! While it may seem like everyone in the world is on social media right now, it can be interesting to actually break down the statistics and take a look. Besides, who doesn’t love a good infographic?

Most of this information may not shock you, but one stat that surprised us was the By Household Income. According to this research, the lowest income bracket (30K and less) has the greatest percentage of social media users, 71%. This may be counterintuitive due to the fact that most people would assume the more household income, the more digital devices to use social media with.  However, like we posted recently, more people are reported to have mobile phones that toothbrushes these days, regardless of income.  Does lower income cause greater social media user, or does more social media use cause lower income? The 21st century version of which came first,  the chicken or the egg.



One thought on “Who Actually Uses Social Media?

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