How Brands Can Climb to the Top Using Vine

The latest addition to the Twitter platform is Vine – a brand new mobile application that allows users to document experiences in six-second looping videos.  Since going live in January, Vine has grown its active users by 50 percent in the past month. Even though the new app is in direct competition with iOS apps like Viddy, SocialCam and Cinemagram, Vine has seen extreme growth while others begin to decline within the social space.

Not only have individuals been quick to adopt this latest ‘trend’, many brands have also started creating their own six-second videos, including the Gap, Dove, Urban Outfitters and from our own portfolio, Secret. Most of these videos are being made because brands want to be the first in the space.  But how can companies use this app as in their digital and social strategies to rise above the rest?

Here are a few ideas to get started:

  1. Tell your brand’s story: From the history of the company to showcasing product, Vine can help introduce the company to your new followers, creatively display products as a reminder for current customers, and show short, educational product demonstrations.
  2. Get personal: With the ability to show “behind the scene” videos at the office, events, etc. Vine makes it accessible for companies to become instantly more relatable to fans — a strategy that will spark conversations with users and keep people close to the brand.
  3. Create excitement around a new product: Thanks to this new mode of visual inspiration, fans can now get a ‘first look’ at upcoming products, uses and more. Vine will only help the launch of a new initiative or programs moving forward.
  4. Promote a contest: Although many brands are excited about user generated content, videos have always been harder to obtain as compared to images. Vine could be a great middle ground to get fans engaged, while visually stimulating excitement around a contest or promotion.

xx Samantha



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